Younger Preschool:

1-2 Year Olds 

Our 1-2 year old classrooms have a strong play based activity schedule. They work to get to know our daily schedule, make first friends, and engage with the environment around them. We work develop our communication skills and varying needs of the children. We maintain a 1 staff to 4 children ratio in this room. 

Middle Preschool:

2-3 Years Old 

Our 2-3 year old classroom works everyday to maintain positive relationships and focus on what a good friend is. We introduce phonological awareness and build literacy foundations. We apply our communication skills and develop a strong understanding of our environment. We maintain a 1 staff to 4 children ratio in this classroom. 

Older Preschool

3-5 Years 

Our 3-5 Year old classroom is by far the busiest! We work on our school readiness skills across the disciplines, engage in social emotional understanding and learn something new everyday! We maintain a 1 staff to 10 children ratio in this classroom.  

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